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istikhara for marriage by name

In the name of Allah, I am going to start writing my article "Istikhara for marriage by Name". All my Muslim community brothers and sisters must aware of the term "Istikhara". The Urdu term "Istikhara" is the prayer of seeking Guidance from the Almighty. Istikharaperformed at the time of setting of marriage is called Istikhara for Marriage. Istikhara is performed for taking any decision. Most of the people have a wrong notion that Istikhara is performed for taking any big decisions, but it is not correct. We can perform Istikhara for each and every decision of our life whether it is small or big.

Probably Marriage is the most difficult decision of our life. Whether it is a love marriage or Arrange marriage it is always a crucial decision. It is more typical when it is an arranged marriage because in Arrange marriage even you both do not know each other very well. Without knowing each other how you can survive in the relation. Sometimes if you are fortunate enough your marriage will be fruitful but if not then there will be more issues after the marriage and it ends with the divorce.

The human being is not aware of his/her future. We are always confused about our future. But we know Allah; the Almighty has the power to see our future. He is the knower of all good and bad things will be happening in future. So he will guide us in the best way. Istikhara is the best way to seek his guidance. So it is better to perform Istikhara for your confusions. Istikhara for Marriage by name should be always performed for a big decision like marriage. whether it is a love marriage or arrange marriage Istikhara for Marriage by Name must be performed to clear about your life partner, whether he or she will be perfect for you or not. Salatul Istikhara for Marriage is the powerful Istikhara for Marriage. Everybody thinks that Salatul Istikhara for Marriage is very hard to perform. But it is not like that. You can also perform it with proper guidance from Mulvi Ji. There are not many people who actually know how to perform Istikhara for Marriage by Name. In this case, our Molvi Ji will guide you to perform Istikhara.

When there is more than one marriage proposal and you are confused to choose the right person, Salatul Istikhara for Marriage will be helpful to take the right decision.

If you want to make love marriage and you are confused about that person in the meantime you should perform Istikhara for love Marriage. It will helpful for you to take the decision that whether the love marriage will be fruitful to you or not. If you are in any confusion in your life the best way is to perform Istikhara.

Now the point is that after performing Istikhara for Marriage by Name how you get the sign from the Almighty. You can get different signs after you complete your Istikhara. Istikhara Dreams will help you in making your decision. Through your dreams, God will give you positive and negative signs. If in your dream any white or green colored things appear then it is a positive sign. It means you should take your step ahead. The things like the white sky, white paper, white light, milk, green cloth, the green light will be taken as a positive sign. If in your dream there is any red or black colored thing then it is a negative sign from the God. You should move back. The things like red cloth, blood, black sky, black cloth, black paper, black light, black forest, red light are the signs of negative. If you did not get any sign or you could not remember your dream then do not have to be worried, you can perform Istikhara for marriage again.

To perform Istikhara there are some proper rules and regulations. Our Molvi Ji will guide in performing Istikhara for Marriage by Name. To fix an appointment with him, call us today. He is an expert in performing Istikhara.

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